Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chocolate Love.

Cheers to my first try at chocolate transfers!!  After a slight panic over some minor smudging and cracking, all in all, I am fairly proud.  

For the cupcake, I adapted flavors of an Almond Joy candy.  I was looking for something to contribute to my pair of chocolate and coconut cream.  Thanks to my creative mother, a hint of marzipan sounded like a perfect component to complete her idea of an Almond Joy cupcake. 

I filled and frosted basic chocolate butter cupcakes with delicious coconut cream cheese icing.  For the hint of almond, I rolled and cut out disks of marzipan and capped the cakes under the icing.  My experimental, heart-shaped decorations accessorized their tops.  


craftyclaire said...

your cupcakes look gorgeous. can I ask you what size are your cases? In the UK you get 2 sizes, one for "fairy" cakes and a larger size for muffins. Thank you!

Dizzee Cake. said...



The standard size baking cup in the U.S. is a 2 inch diameter bottom and 1 1/2 inch high wall. The pink stripe cup used with the almond joy cupcake was a 2 1/4 bottom and a 1.9 inch wall. These cups were made in Sweden and purchased on-line from

craftyclaire said...

Thank you for getting back to me with that. I have the confetti cakes book, and today I plan on baking some cupcakes, but then realised I didn't know the size of cupcake cases to use!!!