Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shower Flower Cakes

One of my best friend's sister is getting married this June.  She asked if I could create a couple cakes for the bridal shower she was throwing.  Per request, one was chocolate and one vanilla.  The cake design was inspired by the invitation.  All decorations were created by me- flowers were hand-crafted out of fondant.

Stacking the cake...
Vanilla cake with strawberry preserves and strawberry mousse.

Swirlies to compliment the invitation and shower decor.

Devil's Food cake with chocolate ganache and raspberry preserve filling
Crumb coatin'
Looks like Mint Chip!  Idea for next cake?  Maybe so...

- 8 oz. semi-sweet or milk chocolate
- 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream

Over a double boiler, melt chopped chocolate.  Heat cream in a saucepan and gradually whisk into melted chocolate.  Refrigerate until slightly firm.


Cecilia said...

The cakes look so cute! What did you use to frost the cakes? It almost looks like marzipan, but I'm hoping it's true, good ol' frosting.

Are you a professional decorator?

If you are ever bored, you should try out this week's TWD. It was pretty tasty.

TWL said...

This looks really nice. I wish I could have a slice for dessert tonight.

Melissa said...

Guess what? I found you! So, you inspired me to make a blog regarding this business. Keep this up grrrrrrrrrrl.

Lori said...

I don't know you but I heard your desserts are the most amazing my sister has ever tried! (Tamara with the pugs) I love this blog and hope to one day try your cakes. :)

Christine said...

Your cakes look beautiful and delish! What a perfect way to announce spring! I love your attention to detail and hopefully one day I will be able to make creations as fabulous as yours!

Dizzee Cake. said...

Thank you for all your encouraging comments! These were definitely fun to make and I am super happy with the results.

Cecilia: they are frosted in buttercream. Although marzipan is delicious =)